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With time running out and a complex plot to assassinate one of the city's most powerful crime bosses slowly coming into focus, the arrival of a notorious hit-man named Mr. Goodkat (Bruce Willis) forces Slevin to step up his desperate search and reclaim his identity before he's forced to pay a debt that could cost him his life. Upon arriving at the empty apartment of his old friend Nick, the unassuming Slevin ( An innocent man visiting a friend in New York City becomes embroiled in a dangerous series of events after being mistaken for the very man he has come to the city to see in director Paul Mc Guigan's labyrinthine murder mystery.Upon arriving at the empty apartment of his old friend Nick, the unassuming Slevin (Josh Hartnett) is troubled to hear the voice of his missing friend's next door neighbor Lindsay (Lucy Liu) expressing concern as to Nick's safety and whereabouts.La poisse ne va pas le lâcher pour autant, bien au contraire... Deux de ses plus grands parrains, le Rabbin et le Boss, se livrent une guerre sans pitié.

My family doesn't care if I marry someone Chinese or not."57 Number of dollars paid at an online charity auction this year for a pair of slippers donated by Liu that she received in a Sundance swag bag.8 Size of slippers.0 Number of shoes worn during this interview.97 Number of "rotten" reviews--out of 97--on for Liu's 2002 action flick "When you do the work and engage in the experience, that's everything.

Here, a few more numbers, lucky and otherwise, that paint a picture of Liu. "The first exhibit was all about Hong Kong, then mostly China--collage sorts of things. That one was more incorporating paint and drawing into photographs."0 Number of boyfriends she currently has.

"I'm sure something will come up when it's the right time.

In the post-Quentin Tarrantino film universe, complicated thrillers laced with black comedy and heavy on clever dialogue have become a genre unto themselves.

Lucky Number Slevin is among the more satisfying of the breed.

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