Online dating scams china

By the time i was done,i had already found someone i like and we had been chatting for a while. It says on their site that in the Chinese culture, younger women love the very old men like me.

The scam usually ends when the victim realizes they are being scammed or stops sending money.On a dating website, a scammer is someone who pretends to be a legitimate user of the website, builds rapport with you online, then attempts to persuade you to send them money, obtain personal or financial information about you , or redirect you to another website which may require payment or download unsafe software onto your computer.Scams can be very sophisticated and scammers will go to great lengths to build a relationship with you, spending a lot of time communicating with you and perhaps even telling you they love you and sending you gifts."She sent thousands of dollars to various accounts, wired them across the globe." Eventually, Lucron told the woman he would be travelling to a nearby city to propose to her on New Year's Eve.O'Brien said that when he never showed up, the woman realized she had been scammed and contacted police.

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