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Luckily, one of the merits of London is that it’s very easy to leave: we have a Monopoly board’s-worth of train stations from which to flee.

Obviously, you’ll want to come back — that sea air’s so pure it hurts your lungs — but you can tolerate a day at the beach before you get homesick.

During the summer you are likely to see kite surfers on the sea, kite flying and land yachting on the beach, as well as enough sand to build grand sand castles This popular sandy beach is sheltered by steep chalk cliffs which back on to the North Foreland golf course.

The beach is considered a top location for families, stretching for approximately 200 miles to give you the ultimate British seaside experience.

Taking a walk in the opposite direction will lead you to Ramsgate, but be sure to check when the tide as the beach nearly disappears at high tide.

The sandy beach at Greatstone stretches from north to south for more than two miles, drawing in tourists and holidaymakers for generations.

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Kent is home to more than 50 beaches in total, attracting thousands of people to the county's seaside towns every summer to enjoy rock pools, visit arcades and build sandcastles.One visitor describes it as a Hackney café with Margate prices.Pick the mac ’n’ cheese, or make it in time for the “amazing breakfasts”: heaving full Englishes and dollops of condiments.If you’re a women using online dating after 40, and you’re having that fear of “rejection by photo,” OR if this is something that is keeping you from going online, this article should assuage your photo fear.I’m going to give you some truths about what most men are looking for in your photos and give you do’s and don’ts that will help you have fun and end up with some great shots of your gorgeous self.

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