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Mix/stir well, pour into the bowl of life and we have what can only be defined as an adventure of discovery.This dish requires me to filter through the meaningless “get to know you” chatter, while simultaneously attempting to cultivate some worthwhile relationship in this “revolving door of a world I live in”.Now that I stand two years strong in the midst of both, I must embrace it with open arms while strategically making my best attempt at conquering the dating game. However, dating as a black woman brings about an entirely new challenge. Imagine the ingredients of that casserole being a black woman, three children, and living in a foreign country.Now pour in dating as the final ingredient of the casserole.We decided to try for drinks instead; Jack got sick. After a failed eight-month relationship, part of me didn’t have it in me to start again. Suit had liked his life the way it was: powerful career, nice meals, expensive wine, late snuggly Sunday mornings — all while my son was safe at his grandparents’ house. to Jack jumping on my bed and waffle picnics on the carpet. I dig relationships (and their attendant perks), but I have no problem being a single mom.

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Single moms are a crowd that’s NEVER addressed in the Church at large.That doesn’t mean I don’t yearn for connection, though — which is why I texted Tall Eric one Saturday morning to hang out with us. It soon became clear that the boys were more interested in playing hide-and-seek than in taking in baseball history, so we headed to the park where we’d all met.Finally, a date worked out — because our kids were worked in. While the kids played, Tall Eric told me about his son’s mother._______________________________________ From the moment I saw those 2 little pink lines just over 5 years ago, I’ve been a single mom.I’ve casually dated here and there and even had one knock down drag out heartache during those 5 years.

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