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My favorite formula for an episode of Psych is a healthy dose of witty banter with just a drop of melancholy.

Tonight’s episode allows Shawn to make a comedic mistake of a decision that stunts his life progress, milks that bad choice for all possible laughs—including a few obvious ones, like moms doing laundry and walking in on parents having sex—and then through a reasonably well-constructed case leads Shawn to the correct choice of talking to Juliet about living together.

Coincidentally, the Santa Barbara police just happen to be working on a case that relieves Juliet of those thoughts while pressuring Shawn to realize his mistake.

Putting Juliet undercover as “Helene” on an online dating site to search for a serial killer puts some strain on her relationship with Shawn.

He knows she’s good at what she does, but fears for her safety, and has more than a little concern when she starts getting excited about going on dates with other men.

This method of investigation relegates Shawn to the surveillance truck with Lassiter, which leads to one great close call that puts the two of them in an intimately funny embrace as they stay hidden from Juliet and a suspect.

Shawn and Gus running out of the sorority house screaming like girls in ‘Scary Sherry’ definitely set the stage for a lot of fun to come. Juliet being consoled by Lassiter after ‘Yin Presents.’ Sheryl Lee as Doc Gooden staring down at Paula in ‘Dual Spires.’ There are so many! I mean, they were hired and directed to scream for us, but that’s neither here nor there) losing their minds after the moonwalk and toe stand? She’s crying for so much more than her rescue — but for Shawn, too." "Asking me to choose a favorite on screen moment from the past 100 episodes is like asking me to pick a favorite cast member (shhh, its Maggie) or a favorite guest star.

Yes, it could have been a function of the scarring scene Shawn witnessed between Maddie and Henry (which we'll get to in a minute), but it's just as likely that the experience reminded him of how much he loves and wants to be with Juliet.“Dad,” Mattie asked, looking up at her father from the floor, where she was laying sprawled out in front of a stack of books. ” Shawn grinned, plopping onto the floor next to his daughter. ” he asked laying on his back as he propped himself up on his elbows, his legs crossed in front of him. ” Shawn laughed, scooping Mattie up onto his lap as his mind quickly filed through the memories. “I thought--” she started, gesturing at her car, her grin fading into a look of bewilderment. “I don’t generally forget dates,” she laughed, resting her palms on the handlebars of the bike. Juliet smiled, her hand subtly moving from the bike to resting on top of his. Maybe some bowling…” The third option slipped out of his mouth before his brain had a chance to sensor it, as so often happened when your name was Shawn Spencer. Mattie sat up, her curious hazel eyes locking on her father as she cocked her head to the side. “I thought we were meeting—” “We are,” he confirmed quickly. “I’m looking forward to it, Shawn.” “Yeah,” Shawn murmured, his fingers tightening around hers. “Juliet Takes A Luvvah” is all about Shawn’s arrested development and how it affects his relationship with Juliet. ) With Henry returning home from the hospital, Shawn’s mother in town to help take care of Henry, and Shawn’s lease expiring, the stage is all set for Shawn to move back in with his parents.That would seem to set Shawn up to move in with Juliet.

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