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You have 15 calendar days to respond to an Offence Notice (ticket).Please read and follow the instructions provided on the back of the green Offence Notice (ticket).Toronto police are warning the public about an alleged online extortion scam using fake dating profiles to lure victims into compromising video chats.Police say that suspects are creating fake profiles on common online dating sites.

The protests were for various causes, including poverty and anti-capitalism.The suspects then demand money from the victim and said they would otherwise send the video to the victim’s friends.The suspects are said to refuse to meet in person or defer the meeting, insisting on video chats.The video then listed the manifesto of a previously unknown group calling itself the FFFC.The message stated that the attack against the bank was because of the growing suffering of Vancouver's poor in the shadow of RBC's major sponsorship of the 2010 Vancouver Olympics and Paralympics in Vancouver and Whistler, British Columbia and claimed these events were held "on stolen indigenous land." In addition to social issues and aboriginal land claims, the video claimed the actions were sparked by environmental and deforestation related concerns surrounding the Alberta tar sands projects in "Canada's" prairies, in which the video claims RBC is substantially involved and which G8/G20 decisions furthered.

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