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Pueblo police officer Seth Jensen claimed he had his body camera turned off during the initial search, which is when he found the contraband, so then turned on his camera to conduct the search again under the guise that it was his first time searching the car.In some cases, where the court determines that the sex offender poses a predatory risk to the community, the court may require community notification of the offender's presence.Community notification consists of a community meeting to which community members, schools, senior citizens, and recreation facilities in the area where the sex offender intends to locate receive a direct invitation.Cajar might still be facing charges if it weren’t for the text messages exchanged between Jenson and deputy district attorney Anne Mayer after Jenson was cross-examined during a preliminary hearing on March 22.Mayer texted Jenson about why statements in his report didn’t add up with what footage on his body cam showed. “For the search, the body cam shows different than the report because it was,” he replied back to Mayer.

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