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The site brags, “SKIP THE VETTING: Remember last time you talked to that dude/chick in the bar for a full hour before they told you they were [18/backpacking from Sydney/living on their parent’s couch/commuting from White Plains]?

We do all that dirty work for you.” We tested out both services at Metro to see how they stack up.

Our community unites established and aspiring leaders to find their calling, and elevate the world through entrepreneurship, arts, social impact, policy, and wellness.

Our members are inspiring entrepreneurs, artists, and innovative professionals who are determined to make a positive global impact.

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”Strangers ask each other these seemingly innocent questions all the time at bars, but the underlying meaning is clear: Are you intelligent for me to be interested?

Ivy Connect exists outside the realm of ordinary life.

It sits at an intersection of entrepreneurial hubris and Ivy League self-mythology.

IVY fuels inspiration, ignites minds, and sparks world-changing collaborations.

Our mission is to be a catalyst for unprecedented human unity, progress, and fulfillment.

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