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These days, most people lead very busy lives and more than often they do not have any time to socialize or interact with other like-minded individuals.

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…A visit in which he was lulled into passivity by Levi’s rendition of Clair de Lune, much like Orpheus and his lyre. Except, um, that turns out to not be true at all, and Levi wasn’t even at the apartment before the audition – he had left all his stuff, but his money was gone. Levi actually broke his hand, presumably to remove all temptation from music so he could go back home and be with Sarah. It’s just a little unusual when it comes to crime shows, so it threw me off. And Cam says the exact right thing the second time around: that if Perry doesn’t understand how Michelle feels, he doesn’t deserve her.

So cross the murderous music student angle off the list. Turns out the actual murderer was just some petty thief who was robbing the apartment building. Levi fell over the railing in a struggle to keep a fake gold medal from a music competition that Karen had given him. I demand a slow trickle of evidence so I can piece together the facts faster than the characters and feel superior! Ah, right, we were learning the valuable lesson that while Amish life is safer than city life, it doesn’t allow you to watch a DVD of your dead son playing the forbidden piano beautifully. It’s really great to see Cam in a mother role – her character has grown a lot in the past year.

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