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You can also set custom tags , and there is a special custom tag to use for labels.

The right mouse click to toggle on or off to view an object, and click and hold the mouse button to move that object, and hold the CTRL key while moving the object to resize the object (after first enabling that via the right mouse click menu (one time only).

I didn't notice until I got to the point in the installation where I was to install the software that the Weather Link software CD was cracked (received this way, probably damaged in shipping).

From the Davis web-site, you can only download *upgrades* from previous versions of Weather Link, so I emailed Davis Instruments' tech support and have not received a reply (in 4 business days).

That is why you can't find or don't have any data remaining in the logger. AND if you have your weather display software read and running, with it recognizing the VP and all the goodies checked.

I purchased this along with the Vantage VUE weather station, both from Amazon.

So I still have not successfully run the Weather Link software.

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Note also, that the only way to buy Weather Link IP is with the Windows software.To see an example from Vernier headquarters, go to This is the option we recommend for most schools.Without too much more trouble, you can also connect your weather station so that it is part of the Weather Underground network of weather stations, Globe, or other collections.These options are in the Upload settings at Weather Link IP comes with the Windows version of Weather Link.This can be used to download data from the Davis website and to graph it on a Windows computer.

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