Seatgate st3750330as updating firmware

Last week, Seagate released a preventative firmware update for Barracuda 7200.11 drives affected by a faulty firmware which caused the drive to lock up and fail to be detected by the BIOS.But instead of making the drives more hardy, the firmware turned the fancy drives into magnetic bricks.(Please include Drive model, firmware revision, if the S/N check flagged your drive as affected, etc.) Anyone else tried to update Seagate HD firmware in a 2009 Mac Pro?First mail from a 2009 Mac Pro owner on trying to update the firmware. 17th, 2009 mail)"Tried to apply the Seagate firmware update using a new Nehalem Mac Pro 8 core.It was not until recent that the error was found and Seagate has releases new firmware to fix the issue.*** Please Note *** This is Seagate's second attempt to release updated firmware.Seagate's first firmware update also caused hard drives to fail and brick.Here is the list of drives firmware affected, according to the support site as of now. While the Seagate 7200.11 drives were some of the best hard drives due to value, performance, and noise qualities, it hid a terrible secret.

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Tech sites are reporting everywhere a massive flaw in seagate drives that can lock up the drive and make it unusable (the bios doesn't detect it, you can't read the data). Seagate has ack'ed the problem: So, apparently there're a lot of drives on the market (including mine) that can die any day. It's still not clear if the firmware update is safe (some affected but working drives are dying after the firmware update), so some people like me is still waiting (and hoping that the drive doesn't die) for more stable firmware updates... If in the case that this firmware causes your drive to become inoperable, your data is not lost. If your drive has CC firmware, your drive is not affected and no further action is required.Attempting to flash the firmware of a drive with CC firmware will result in rendering your drive inoperable.Unfortunately, for many devices that is not possible or feasible, once it has left the factory.However, there are many devices that do have available upgrades, although they may or may not be easily accomplished.

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