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In this wonderful article, one of our members – Duane – offers his take on what one can expect throughout the affair recovery process as it relates to the 7 Stages of Grief – all based on his own experiences.Elisabeth Kübler-Ross first introduced The 5 Stages of Grief in her work with people with a terminal illness or who experienced a catastrophic loss.

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It’s a wild, uncensored ride and I hope you want to take it with me. You will be totally miserable…and you are going to KILL it!

I realized later, unsurprisingly, that this drawing greatly resembles the Elizabeth Kübler-Ross stages of grief.

If you go through a difficult breakup, you’ll likely cycle through these emotions. You’ll tell yourself: “Its all my fault” “I’m a horrible person” “I must not be lovable” You’ll feel varying degrees of despair after the end of a relationship depending on how attached you were- at it’s worst, the anguish can be pretty soul-crushing. You may feel sad for a while, and then angry, or you may switch rapidly between the two.

Like a Pied Piper this master illusionist can lead you to Hell all while making you feel flattered to be chosen to go there.

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