Telus speed dating

Resolve TO officially kicks off with the Wednesday night party (Jan 25th) and then rolls into two days of content and networking.

Mornings consist of Keynotes, while the afternoons are divided between “The Speed Dating Zone”, powered by Rogers, and content on the “Startup Stage” and the “Corporate Innovation Stage”. Everyone – startup entrepreneurs and intrepreneurs at global multi-nationals - have their own definition of what it means. With these in mind, you can decide how to make them relevant and aligned with your own business and resources – and yes – your dreams.

Huge video screens stretched across the Westin Ballroom. TELUS wanted to make last week’s announcement of its first big-city fibre-optic roll-out in Edmonton as big a deal as humanly possible. TELUS will be the first telecommunications company in North America to make fibre-optic available to every household in a major city, the first to wire an entire city to Internet speeds and connectivity.When TELUS executive chairman Darren Entwistle, with his movie star looks and sonorous voice, made his entrance, the music reached rock band decibels. “It’s not a question whether TELUS can afford the billion dollar investment to fully wire your city and then others,” says Canadian telecommunications analyst Mark Goldberg from Toronto.“It’s whether TELUS – or the other big TV/Internet companies across Canada – can afford not to.” Pencil-sized fibre-optic cable can carry virtually unlimited amounts of data – both ways – at the speed of light.In this talk, Tom Williams, Founder of Better Company, will talk about how today's companies have to evolve to create an "active listening culture" that embraces every point of view across every channel.The human race is living in the Cambrian Explosion of Innovation.

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