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tries to make entering email addresses quicker, easier, and less error prone by offering a variety of suggestions when you compose email.

I'll look at how those interact and how you can control some of what happens. How do I find my list of addresses and save a new one? attempts to provide a clean, easy-to-use interface for managing not only your email, but your contacts, calendar, and (with the addition of Sky Drive) your data files as well.

If you have a bunch of contacts, it might be convenient to search for the right person. In the third column you can also see all the data you can enter about that contact.It shows me when clients leave a company and their new contact info. It's a great app.” Review left on App Store • “Very Useful Complement To Apple's Contacts App — By allowing this app access to FB, Google Contacts and Contacts on your mac OS and i OS, you'd imagine chaos would ensue.This app, though, is smart enough to detect possible duplicates, point out that a Contact is incomplete, and brings order to your Contacts.When forwarding, I have to click through a whole load of addresses to get to the ones I want and then, delete the ones that I did not want. Unfortunately, cleanliness or simplicity only goes so far.You’re not the only one who finds the displayed contacts and email addresses confusing when you compose a new email. People is the term for your contacts and/or address book.

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