Seriel number dating hi point 9mm are wale and melanie fiona dating

I know that it has wooden grips, withought the Llama medallion. Anyway I will get back to you as soon as I get back in town. I have read that the Model X-A had a grip safety added when production of this model began in 1954.

Although mine has a date code of V (1951), it has a grip safety.

It has a lanyard ring, arched mainspring housing and checkered wood grips with no Llama medallion.

The serial number is 1471xx which would put it around 2000 after yours. It did not come with a box so I have no idea how it was classified when it originally sold.

Not much is known about the Llama serial number sequencing, so we are attempting to do a database spreadsheet.

For all practical purposes, we are looking at the handguns produced under the "Llama" name, and not the earlier Gabilondo y Cia products. Please list model name/number, caliber, year code (if available) and serial number.

Hi-Points have remained for years among the most common guns confiscated by Cleveland police and also comprised the majority of illegally purchased guns in cases federally prosecuted in Northern Ohio. Buffalo teen Daniel Williams and his family with the help of the Washington, D. Williams, a high school basketball standout, was mistaken for a gang rival in 2003 and shot while playing basketball in front of a neighbor's house.

Many semi-automatic pistols can be field stripped without the use of any tools.

Llama .380 1949 135417 Llama .380 1975 651644 Llama .380 1980 B65548 Llama 380 1950 78574 Llama .22 19XX 403153 Llama .380 1942 56182 Llama .380 1942 54699 Llama .380 1943 71697 Llama .32 1943 63674 I've started the spreadsheet. Llama .22LR XV 1963 3054xx Llama .22LR XV 1999 A004xx Llama .32 XA 1973 5989xx Llama .380 IIIA 1994 C219xx Llama .380 IIIA 19xx A075xx Llama .380 IIIA 19xx 6402xx Llama .380 IIIA 1970 5615xx Llama 9mm P XI-B 1985 8100xx Llama 9mm P XI-B 1986 8364xx Llama 9mm P XI-A 1990 9054xx Llama 9mm P Max1 1995 096xx-95 Llama .40S&W XII-B 1993 C054xx Llama .45ACP IX-A 1989 8768xx Llama .45ACP IX-C 1994 C216xx What is unique about this pistol is that it is chambered for 38 Super as well as the 9mm Largo.

Bottom line is that as a result the cartridge will headspace on the mouth of the cartridge as well as the rim. I am away from the Llama right now but will fully answer you when I get it and examine it again. I have been having the devil's own time finding much literature on the Llama. I have come to the conclusion that my pistol is a X-A and not a X.

This gun is not in the same class as a Glock or Smith but it's not made to be.

it's an affordable, entry class gun for those of us who need a good dependable weapon but can't afford that Glock or Smith. I call them my Klingon guns for their rugged good looks.

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