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A pornography-based virus is currently infecting Kenyan, Tanzanian, Danish and other international Facebook users Facebook profiles in a major way.The infection is an old-school type that tags 19 friends of whoever clicks on it and sends them a pornographic video infected with the virus.“We have automated systems and dedicated teams that monitor and block these scams every day,” said Facebook.Among the tribe—one of more than 120 in the country of 55 million people—female couples make up 10 to 15 percent of households, according to Kurya elders.The unions involve women living, cooking, working, and raising children together, even sharing a bed, but they don't have sex.“When we detect a link that can harm a person’s computer, we block the link and prevent it from being shared elsewhere on Facebook.

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The user is then asked to instal a flash file that contains the virus.

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Job Title: Human Resource and Administration Officer Nationality: Tanzanian Nationality: Tanzanian Workstation: Arusha Qualifications: Degree in Human Resources Management/Bachelor of Business Administration –HRM/ Professional qualification in Human Resources e.g. Should have at least 2 years’ experience in a similar position.

Expected to have good understanding of Tanzania Labour laws and other related laws.

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