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One of the confirmed celebrity couples is Yenny of Wonder Girls and Jinwoon of 2AM. and Soyul of Crayon Pop engagement has been confirmed. Recently, Rain and Korean actress Kim Tae Hee have been reported engaged and soon will get married.The unexpected SM Entertainment artists who have been confirmed in a relationship is Kai of EXO and Krystal of f(x); Moon Hee Jun formerly of H. This has been announced after Rain performed his new music for this year. This has been first confirmed by Korean news outlet TV Report.She then revealed that this secret relationship occurred two years before her first real relationship. According to the reports on local Korean media, actor Joo Won and singer-actor Bo A have been dating for more than a year after meeting at a friend's gathering.They are said to share similar tastes in music and to be supportive of each other's careers.According to a recent report by TV Report, k pop diva Bo A and actor Joo Won are dating!They reportedly share similar tastes in music and are supportive of each other's career.Joo Won debuted in 2006 with a stint in the musical "Altar Boyz" and has gone on to play the lead roles in TV shows, such as "Bread, Love and Dreams" (2010), "Good Doctor" (2013).

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Joo, 29, and Bo A, 30, both enjoy golf and mountain hiking.The media outlet reported the couple having dated since the latter half of 2016, having met through acquaintances.The two reportedly enjoy several similar hobbies, and "are a pleasant couple who care for each other and are careful of their relationship.A local media outlet reported that the two stars met through a networking event with mutual friends, and that they have been seeing each other since the end of 2016.Joo Won, 29, and Bo A, 30, both enjoy golf and mountain hiking.

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