Women chat with straight men

I’m pretty sure that I jerk off daily more than most men do in a week.

Well, that’s what dildos and vibrators were invented for!

I am a hetero female, but one of my biggest fantasies is for a guy to dress up in women’s underwear.

Not full-blown drag, just a teddy, fishnets, and some heels. I just want him to parade around a bit, and just for me.

I assumed a community within the online manosphere dedicated to “preserving a man’s sovereignty at all cost” would be fond of any kind of masculine refuge. A Man Going His Own Way values self-ownership above all else, believing that he — Some MGTOW make a pledge of celibacy.

And this fantasy makes you more sexually and romantically marketable than you seem to realize, LWAM.

The world is full of men who aren’t gay, aren’t into drag, and aren’t into full-blown cross-dressing but who are turned on by the idea of wearing the girlfriend’s panties and/or a little lingerie.

Well first order of business is a pressing matter that several readers have written to me about. It goes a little like this: Straight woman, married with children meets and falls head over heels for a lesbian.

Straighty leaves her hetero life for her gay honey, hoping to live happily ever after.

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