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He's tortured." And just as it was easy to care about Dex in the book, Emily promised we will in the movie, too, thanks to Colin infusing parts of his own personality into the role.

"He's very genuine and he has a lot of warmth and he uses those qualities in his performance," she told us.

Remember when Kate Hudson was married to Chris Robinson and her love life wasn't constantly in the news? And, now, we might be able to add one more name to the list - Kate's actor play on-screen fiances and have quite a number of kissing scenes.

That is, until Kate's bitchy character, Darcy, has her man stolen from her by her best friend, played by Gennifer Goodwin. It practically mirrors Kate's own real-life love triangle with Cameron Diaz and Alex Rodriguez.) Kate Hudson Hates Cameron Diaz"[Kate and Colin] kissed for a scene their very first day of working together - and they loved it," said a set insider to .

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Zincone is said to have filed divorce papers shortly after news of their split broke. News asked her about the Egglesfield photos earlier this month, the actress didn't reveal very much in the romance department."He's a friend of mine," she told Marc Malkin at the the launch of Zooey Deschanel's capsule collection for Tommy Hilfiger. He's so sweet [and] lovely."Have things changed since then? stunner was spotted having dinner with Colin Egglesfield about a week ago at a sushi restaurant in Beverly Hills.After sharing a meal, Akerman, 35, got behind the wheel and gave Egglesfield, 41, a lift."He's a friend of mine," Akerman told E!READ MORE Colin Eggelsfield played an aborted fetus (that survived, of course) on "All My Children" -- and the only thing more ridiculous than that plot ... Kate Hudson may have already embarked on a summer fling with her co-star Colin Egglesfield. Since her divorce from Chris in 2006, Kate has hooked up with and dated a bevy of Hollywood hunks: Owen Wilson, Dax Shepard, Lance Armstrong, and Alex Rodriguez, just to name a few.

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