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The next year, the sisters began appearing together in the Badgley Mischka ad campaign.

writer Juliet Macur says that the two dated before his handlers warned him his relationship with her could negatively impact his cancer work. According to Macur’s book Armstrong’s friend and head of his Livestrong Foundation, John Korioth, “warned the 36-year-old father of three that his May-December romance could damage his cancer work.” Macur says that Korioth told Armstrong, “Whoa, dude, bad idea.

Tennis superstar Serena Williams has dated retired wide receiver Keyshawn Johnson, Knicks star Amar'e Stoudemire, Bobcats forward Corey Maggette and had a three-year relationship with rapper/actor extraordinaire Common.

All pretty cool, talented dudes and mostly athletes.

(Equally shocking, Julianne Moore wore the same heels to the party that she did to Tom Cruise’s last week.) Sean Connery says he lost his virginity at age 8.

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Michelle Williams, shockingly, didn’t show up with Heath Ledger to the party for Dylan biopic I’m Not There at the Bowery Hotel.Born June 13, 1986 in Sherman Oaks, California, Ashley is the daughter of mortgage banker David Olsen and manager Jarnie Olsen.Along with her twin sister, Mary-Kate, Ashley has become among the most popular and bankable female personalities in America.Seriously, the coverage of the dating life of Yankees legend Derek Jeter alone could fill a book. Derek Jeter hooking up with stunning, beautiful actress is guaranteed to grab headlines, but not nearly as many headlines as if he were dating someone like Jane Fonda, for example.For whatever reason, many of us like to know all the private-life details of athletes and celebrities.

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