Teen chat for sexy teens only

Search for people in your age range with similar interests using the "Suggested Users" function or by searching for certain hashtags that interest you.

Instagram's usage among teens is steadily increasing, meaning there will be plenty of options to meet people using this tool.

Snapchat has lived on my home screen since when it took the LA high school scene by storm in 2012.

And after hearing about the Spectacles launch on Twitter I was even more excited about Snap’s future.

I wasn’t sure if I was going to buy them, but I knew they were going to be huge.

Secrecy is hardly new on Planet Girl: as many an eye-rolling boy will tell you, girls excel at eluding the prying questions of grown ups. From an early age, young women learn that to be a “good girl” they must be nice, avoid conflict and make friends with everyone.

It’s an impossible ask (and one I've studied for over a decade) – so girls respond by taking their true feelings underground.

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