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So I went really confused and now im just thinking. And when they kiss and stuff it makes me wanna slap that boy and kiss her myself. Just once after hanging out with her I had this weird overwhelming feeling that I just wanted to b with her.

I hoped, that this test would help me, but these answers are too aggressive 😀 or what and I can't still answer them..there should be option for biromantics also. On the test it said I'm 100% bisexual and I'm not suprised.

SOME ADVICE FOR YOUNGER GIRLS WHO THINK THEY MAY BE BI (that you probably don't want) ;)You are whoever you want to be at that moment, therefore you can love anyone you feel like. There's just always someone who you will make you click, and you just have to go with what you feel.

@don't worry u don't have to hide it forever.

I'm 12(girl)I don't really know what I am I love guys but at the same time I just don't know I've took 5 tests 2 said bi one said bi curious 1 said mostly straight 1 said STRAIGHT so idk what I think I'm straight..I don't see myself ever have a sexual or just relationship with a girl and a harder part of figuring it out is my parents are homophobic so if I was and I came out to them they would disown me... Just tell them on a day u feel comfortable and even if they don't approve u still should value what u r and don't care if they don't understand.

Hi,i always tought, that im straight, because I didnt knew my "options." I realized when I falled in love with one guy and it was pretty similar to my feelings for my best friend. Hey my name is Meg and I'm quite confused right now, I have a huge crush on my best friend and (of course) she has a boyfriend.

Can half of all young people really be sexually fluid?

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‘But I am still attracted to both sexes and would describe myself as bi.’As confusing as this might sound to some — and at times when discussing her sexuality Shannon herself sounds confused — she is far from alone.

Women Looking For is one of the most popular bisexual dating site for bisexual women looking for bisexual couples.

Now, more couples are looking for single women than single men.

Women interested in having a threesome with a couple have never had it so easy!

New research shows that couples look for twice as many women for sexual exploration than ones looking for men.

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