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In fact, it seems about as wise as having Amy Schumer & Seth Rogen push the old "Party" idea, which we know did not end well. The Nirobot is Kia's Facebook's Messenger bot that they implemented last year.

Since Super Bowl ads aren't just seen on the day of the big game but also everywhere for weeks running up to it with all sorts of teasers and hype, David and Goliath have found another creative way to pre-release their bowl-ad. It allows fans and followers to ask questions and get answers in realtime, and if need be a human can enter the conversation.

Travel search site Kayak today launched an interactive “chatbot” for Facebook Messenger that will let you search for—and book—travel right inside the app.

The new tool lets users find flights and hotels using conversational language rather than the old-school method of plugging in dates and sifting through hundreds of results.

“This has been looked at by the team at Glastonbury and they have an app and they update their website as and when changes are made to schedules.

“However, the solutions provided have some drawbacks: a lot of users don’t like downloading apps due to low storage on their phones and the website can sometimes be unreachable because the service at the festival is intermittent at best.” The Greenwood Campbell team had been reading about the emergence of Facebook Messenger as the second most popular social network, after Facebook itself.

Because when your ad isn't going to make a splash in the bowl on it's own, it needs all the PR support it can get.

Update This is the full length Super Bowl spot as it will air durning the game.

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The social media firm was experimenting with teaching two chatbots, Alice and Bob, how to negotiate with one another.

Since last year Kia's Nirobot, which was developed by Interpublic Group's Ansible, has helped thousands of consumers with "With its advanced technology and tremendous efficiency, the Niro sets a new standard in the market, and being the first bot for Messenger to debut a Super Bowl ad reinforces the idea that our newest crossover is like nothing consumers have ever seen before," says Michael Sprague, chief operating officer and VP for Kia Motors America.

We all know it's just the shiny new angle on the tired old breathless Super Bowl ad press release.

The idea, says Matthias Keller, the company’s chief scientist, is “to put a travel agent inside your pocket.” Kayak has been tinkering with interactive bots since late last year, having already launched integrations with Amazon Echo and the popular messaging platform Slack.

While the Messenger chatbot can handle simpler queries without a hiccup, more complex questions—say, “I'm interested in a beach vacation this August but don't want to spend more than 0 per person”—can leave the program stumped.

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