Update error occured while updating Xxx nigiria

However, if you delete it, then Windows will re-create the folder using the protected system files, which are not corrupt, and therefore hopefully fix your problem.So if you have not been able to install any Windows updates on Windows XP or Windows Vista, try the above method of renaming the catroot2 folder.

During the upgrade process, the device driver is installed on the ESXi 6.0 host.Lastly, once your i Phone has been activated to i OS 9.3, Please do not forget to turn on your “Find my i Phone” feature back on. Apple has acknowledged the following activation problem on certain impacted i Phone and i Pad; the company now has decided to pull the update for those i OS devices.Furthermore, they also provide a quick fix that you can try along with an explanation.Apparently, one of more of the updates or patches becomes corrupt and therefore stops any update from being installed.In order to fix this and get your updates installing again, you have to rename a particular folder in your system32 directory. Step 4: Now type ren catroot2 catroot3 and press Enter.

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